October, 2018
Creating Concepts Start Reading

Our knowledgeable team of creatives will work with you to found a concept and style for your imagery that will positively and authentically reflect the core spirit of your brand.


Our wide-ranging photography and video work, we have a catalogue of locations and studios to choose from and our agents will assist in negotiating and secure even the most random locations.

Rights, Releases and Logistics

We can handle all the complex details of arranging a shoot. If you have existing release documents, we can acquire signatures on your behalf, otherwise we have our own release forms that we can use.

At MMSS, you will always own all your photography.

We have an extensive knowledge on the release permissions required covering people and locations. We can also advise on the implications of travelling with photography equipment to make sure there are no surprise costs.

Prior to a shoot, we will create a call sheet as we would with a video shoot and we send this to all stakeholders and participants to ensure that everyone is aligned with regards to schedules and expectations.


Allow us to take the lead on your potentially AMAZING project

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