Email marketing

The most successful campaigns are timely and relevant to target audience. When understanding your brand and the industry you compete in we are able to use data to formulate a strategy that will influence your audience positively.

Email is one of the most prominent forms of direct marketing to measure success. Your key performance indictors are essential to ensure your email has been set up to monitor targets and assess effectiveness of your campaign.

Find examples of a few approaches we use to analyse data and formulate strategic processes

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)

CRM is the exercise of applying all of the existing data to distribute more meaningful messages.

Analytics tools will engage data from several sources such as social and email engagement, website activity, and conversion behaviours to determine the trends that begin to form.

With the support of marketing automation systems we can calculate brand advocates, conversions, long-term engagement patterns. Knowing who is receptive to your message enables you to focus marketing efforts in the areas that will boost revenues. Furthermore, gain insight on which features of your strategy may need adjusting to tackle ‘hard to reach’ customers.

Lifecycle marketing

Understanding the data allows you to provide appropriate and meaningful content to your consumers. We deliver custom analysis that evaluates performance compared directly to your goals.

The focus of lifestyle marketing is to know how to communicate with your customer during each phase of your relationship and to evaluate their lifetime value. At MMSS we can support you in deepening your relationship and make it last longer.

You can have multiple types of relationships with your customers. The key to boosting revenue is to satisfy the demands of your customer via each relationship channel.  Plan to over deliver loyalty and brand advocates.

We dedicate great proportion of time to ensure the best deliverability rates. Pressing the send button for a email does not guarantee it will reach a mailbox which would be a tragic waste a lot of effort.

Your email might end up in spam for any number of reasons. To prevent being an annoying ad that goes straight into the junk, we suggest monitoring deliverability to prevent being blacklisted. Behind the scenes, MMSS can support higher email delivery rates by providing exclusive IP addresses for your company to send emails to customers. You are able to build an IP reputation over a period of time once Internet service providers (ISPs) are familiar with your email traffic verifying your email as credible and non-spamming. Without this reputation, the servers would never accept emails. Sender score is one of the best metres to assess deliverability (on a scale of 1-100). Based on your activity your sender score can alter like a credit score, the higher the score the better your reputation.

Warming up IP Address

As we impose your email campaign to a larger customer audience, we increase the number of emails sent from our IP address. A strategy we use to keep reputation exceptional is to drip feed the servers testing lists of new customers in minor capacities to gain confirmation whether the servers permit these email addresses

Our team are proficient in adhering to GDPR Act and CAN-SPAM compliance applying best practices within the law protecting your brand from email violations.



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