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What is NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token, a kind of digital bearer asset that represents ownership of a unique item or property, NFTs are designed to be distinguishable from each other so that no two tokens are the same, making them IDEAL for representing collectibles. The unique nature of the token offers the opportunity for your business to stand out and engage in a unique way with your audience. In turn, this will boost engagement and growth of your business.

How can NFTs

Benefit your brand?

The value of NFTs for your business lie in the fact it can be tokenised and is one-of-kind. This offers your business the opportunity to create a unique experience for your customers and engage with them in a futuristic way.

NFTs can almost act as a USP for your business because while there may be copies of any one asset made, NFTs ensure that only one person is able to own the original asset in question. The unique aspect of NFTs ensures that your audiences cannot get the same experience at another business as a result if its individuality.

NFTs have made on the social media and digital world. Given this, investing in NFTs for your business could set you apart from competitors in years ahead as their popularity is predicted to surge.

Key Features of NFTs

NFTs are used to represent real objects of art, intellectual property, digital property, financial instruments, etc. Here are some key aspects that define NFTs: 

One NFT is not equal to another, and they cannot be traded for one another at parity.

NFT must have an owner and the ownership should be possible to verify. 

Each NFT is unique, and it contains its own set of metadata.

You cannot divide NFTs into parts like you can with cryptos.

NFTs exist in a blockchain, and they can create new markets and forms of investment.


How are big brands using NFTs?

5 ways to use NFTs in your business


Create GIFs

Use GIFs to stand out from your competition which cannot be copied.


Limited Time Only

The exclusivity of NFTs, for example only allowing them to be purchased within a specific time frame, enables a community to be created surrounding the business.


Charity / Competitions

Auction NFTs for charity / create competitions with NFTs as prizes: this generates incentive for people to buy your NFT. This creates awareness for the charity you’re supporting and raises the profile of your business.


Entry Level Customers

Engage a larger audience: for instance, people may be able to buy NFT versions of your products in place of the more expensive physical items. This enables your customer base to grow and your business to expand.


Drive Engagement

Your audience may see the NFTs you have created and be keener to interact with them. This will again generate more attention and engagement for your business.

To get involved in the world of NFTs, then there are some things you and your audience will need:

  • A digital wallet to store your NFTs and cryptocurrency.
  • Crypto currency in order to purchase the NFTs.
  • Find an NFT marketplace in order to purchase one such as OpenSea.

We are partnered with a UK based NFT marketplace developers to Non-fungible tokens help acquire and give rightful ownership of digital objects