We are a not-for-profit outreach organisation.

Primarily focused on delivering workshops to young people with influence to achieve the following:

  • Avoiding the common pitfalls which stifles/limits these young influencers from achieving their full potential;
  • Enlightening young influencers on the power they possess in shaping a safer and positive future for themselves & the young people they can reach out to;
  • Successfully representing the organisations that have invested time and money in them;
  • Influencing our immediate and worldwide society.

Delivering Quality Reports within 24 - 48 Hours!

We are an independent property inventory company and proud members of the AIIC. All our clerks are highly trained and have many years of experience. We pride ourselves on paying special attention to detail and providing a quality report every time. Acting as a third party, we have provided unbiased reports for thousands of clients.

We understand the stress involved with handling deposits and our aim is to make life just that little bit easier!

What does Mozino mean?

Respect for attention
The octopuses presented as Hair represents that You have psychic control. You can carry on for others with joy. With your own personally psychic control over your path. Mozino believe in a world where you have total freedom to be you

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."
-winston churchill

As temperatures begin to drop, it’s important to consider how conservation activities can change along with the season. Check out our tips for conserving natural gas during cooler weather! Save up to 10% on heating costs by lowering your furnace thermostat by three to five degrees, if health permits. Clean or replace your furnace filters according to manufacturer recommendations. Have your air ducts tested for leaks. Leaky ducts can cost you between 10 to 30 percent in heating and cooling costs. Reduce the temperature on your water heater. Save up to 10% on water heating costs by washing and rinsing your clothes in cold water.

World's first truly flushable wet wipes
Unlike other wet wipes on the market that claim to be flushable, Twipes’ patented technology allows them to break down in your loo in just three short hours, so flush and forget!

Twipes break down completely in your toilet in 3 short hours, so you really can flush and forget! If you can’t get to the toilet in time to flush your Twipes (how unfortunate) be sure to feel safe putting them in the bin as our product biodegrades in landfill a few weeks.

We are a not-for-profit outreach organisation.
I am a qualified Notary Public & solicitor

and I am a specialised lawyer authorised to witness, certify and authenticate documents for use in countries around the world. I offer a range of services for individuals and businesses and will endeavour to provide you with an expedient and cost-effective service.

I offer an appointment only system and am flexible out of the traditional office hours, subject to availability.


We are a fully qualified professional laser tattoo removal and laser carbon facial specialist based in Ongar.

It's not just an in and out service we give, we want you to feel comfortable and fully informed every step of the way. We offer:

- Free Consultation – get in touch with no obligation even if it’s just to ask a simple question.
- Excellent and professional care standards. We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin.
- We are open and completely transparent in our approach to advising you on costs on treatments.



Allow us to take the lead on your potentially AMAZING project

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